Von Nebula - Bad romance parody

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I am Von Nebula!
I am Von Nebula!

Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
ha ha
ha ha
Kill Hero Factory!

I am,
Just so e-vil
I'm so evil
This, is
A pa-ro-dy
Cos I'm Von Nebula!

I am so evil
I killed my best friend
It wasn't that hard
He lived straight round the bend
He was my friend
Not really
Cos now he's dead

I hate those heroes
They think I am bad
they're kind of right though but my staff is so rad
It's really rad
Cos it is
A lolipop
Thunder: Just so you know that didn't rhyme...
You know that I'm evil
Cos I wanna be evil
I hate Stormer
Preston Stormer!

Me and my minions
We will have our revenge!
Hero Factory will soon be dead!
Cos I am evil
I will have my revenge
I will put those heroes back to bed!

With my special lolipop!
With my special lolipop!

There should
now be noises
but i
am quite bored
I am
Not consistent!
I'm von nebula!

My arms are spikey
But refuse to bend
although the other villains
have the same trend
cos lego's lame
wait a sec
what is lego?
Guy: We're made from it you Moron!
Von Nebula: Well, sorry for not knowing

Meltdown's a Psycho
Corrodor's a -HEY
Thunder is brutal
Xplode just takes the mick
But out of who
who who who
what is this song?

You know that I'm evil
Cos I wanna be evil
I hate Stormer
Me and my minions
We will have our revenge
I don't care, if they've just had upgrades
Cos I'm so evil
Heroes don't stand a chance
I have practiced doing evil fridge raids

Kill hero factory
Are you guys bored yet, cos I am
Lets just finish this song!

I am
Such a jerk
I like
to kill people
it is really fun
cos I'm Von Nebula!

I'm an
evil villain
who hates
those darn heroes
But I'll
kill them soon
cos I'm von nebula!
We, are evil villains
I am Xplode, I'm spikey
We are evil villains
I am thunder, I'm heavy
I'm the evil meltdown, free with cancer, and gravy
I am, just corroder

I'm an evil jerk, maybe...

kill those heroes
then we'll have our revenge
We want Stormer
we don't want to be friends

I'll get my staff
So I can go kill him
Cos he is good
I hate all those heroes
especially stormer!
I'm such an evil jerk
cos I'm von nebula!

Me and my minions
We will have our revenge
Cos I have, a spikey lolipop
I am so evil
I have spikes on my arms
They don't bend, but I can still kill them

I'm an evil jerk,
I have a lolipop!
I'm inconsistent, but who cares, I sure don't
Destroy the factory!

Oh no
Stuff went bad
The heroes
are not dead
In fact
I think I've
Just got arrested!

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1 Jayli Ann Sparrow Jayli Ann Sparrow | Web | 18. listopadu 2011 v 14:27 | Reagovat

Perfektní video xD

2 Stroivan Stroivan | E-mail | Web | 18. listopadu 2011 v 16:30 | Reagovat

[1]: Aj ja si myslím... :D

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